So this is going to be quick post, as recently i had to decommission a Nokia IP390 Checkpoint firewall, where i had no details for the device :D

Fortunately I was on site and had my trusty console cable! So this is going to be a reminder to myself on: How to do a password reset and factory reset of a Nokia IP390 via CLI

Let’s get cracking :)

Password Reset

Firstly, you need to have console access and the ability to reboot the device

You will need to enter single user mode. Reboot the device and as it is going through it boot process, you will need to look for Type any character to enter command mode, once you see that hit enter and type boot -s to enter single user mode.

1,072,300,032 bytes of system memory tested OK
Starting bootmgr
Loading boot manager..
Boot manager loaded.
diskless platform
Entering autoboot mode.
Type any character to enter command mode.
BOOTMGR\[1\]> boot -s

You will be prompted with Enter pathname of shell or RETURN for sh: Just hit enter.

Enter pathname of shell or RETURN for sh:

With that you will be in Single-User Mode now, as you will have # prompt.

To reset the admin password, you need to run the overpw script: /etc/overpw

\# /etc/overpw
    This program is used to set a temporary admin password when you have 
    lost the configured password.  You must have booted the machine into 
    single user mode to run it.  The configured password will be changed.
    Please change the temporary password as soon as you log on to your
    system through voyager.

Please enter password for user admin: 
Please re-enter password for confirmation: 
Continue? \[n\] y

You will be prompted with:

Admin password changed.  You may enter ^D to continue booting.  

As instructed hit ctrl + D and the booting process will continue. With that the admin password will be reset

Factory Reset

Now we have got admin access to the device, to do a factory reset is pretty noddy, to be honest. The IP390 is UNIX based cli, as shown by the single-user mode, firstly su into root:

Nokia[admin]# su root

Next, we need to change directory into the config folder:

Nokia\[admin\]# ls
bin     cdrom   dev     image   proc    tmp     var
bootmgr config  etc     opt     sbin    usr     web
Nokia\[admin\]# cd config

Delete all files the active files:

Nokia\[admin\]# ls
active  db
Nokia\[admin\]# rm active
Nokia\[admin\]# ls

Once all the files have been deleted, all that is needed is to reboot the device for the change to take affect:

Nokia\[admin\]# reboot

With that Bob’s your uncle, Sally’s your aunty and you have a decommissioned Nokia IP390 :D

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